Survey Loop Website Accessibility Statement

At Survey Loop, we are dedicated to ensuring our services and products are accessible to all, including individuals with disabilities. Our commitment to accessibility is ongoing, and we actively work to enhance our website's usability. 

Our mission is to make our website welcoming and accessible to everyone, especially to those facing physical challenges. We aim to design our digital presence in a way that enables users with impairments to easily navigate, understand, view, and interact with our content. Survey Loop is striving to adhere to the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA (“WCAG 2.0 AA”) and EN 301 549 standards to the fullest extent possible.

Current Enhancements on Our Website:


Enhanced Language Support:

Our website supports language assistance technologies, including screen readers and Braille translation devices, enabling access to our content in various formats. Efforts are underway to introduce sign language videos and audio narratives as alternatives to written content.

Improved Navigation:

We're increasing the use of labels and headings across our website to help users navigate more efficiently with fewer keystrokes.

Alternative Text for Images:

To aid users with visual or cognitive impairments, we're improving our use of alternative text for images, ensuring that our content is accessible without the need to recognize colors or detailed visuals.

Keyboard Navigation:

We've enhanced keyboard navigation on our site, making it simpler for users who rely on keyboard controls to browse our content.

Text Customization:

Options to modify text size, font, and spacing have been integrated to make our website more user-friendly. Our content is designed to be clear and accessible, with features like zoom for enlarging text and images.

Media Controls:

Controls for audio and video content have been made more intuitive and easier to locate.

Addressing Partial Conformance:

There may be instances where certain pages or content do not fully meet accessibility standards due to limitations. We are dedicated to addressing these areas and achieving greater conformance.

Collaboration with Accessibility Experts:

Survey Loop partners with accessibility specialists to continually update and refine our website, ensuring that new features and updates enhance accessibility for all users.

Commitment to Ongoing Improvement:

We are dedicated to evolving our accessibility practices and will keep pace with current standards to enhance our website's accessibility. Our commitment is to make Survey Loop's digital offerings accessible and inclusive for every user.

Survey Loop believes in the power of knowledge accessibility, regardless of physical barriers. Our efforts to improve website accessibility are continuous, and we welcome feedback from our users to help us serve you better. If you encounter any accessibility barriers, please share your concerns, questions, and suggestions with us.

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